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You can read at the link below our short presentation

with case studies/structuring as regards the Double Tax Treaty

between Kazakhstan and Cyprus.





Kazakhstan and the other oil and gas-rich Caspian Countries increasingly attract foreign and domestic investment and play a vital role in the Central Asia region.

The execution of a new Double Tax Treaty between Kazakhstan and Cyprus on 15 May 2019 and its forthcoming entry into force on the 1st January 2020 is expected to focus the attention of practitioners and businessmen of Kazakhstan and the other neighboring Caspian Countries towards a more cost efficient and business friendly EU jurisdiction such as Cyprus.

We expect that there will be material interest by practitioners and entrepreneurs for legal and tax planning using Cyprus companies and funds. Our firm already benefits from a 15-year of experience advising Russian Federation clients on legal, tax and immigration matters.


To that direction, we have established a Caspian Countries Desk, compiled of a team of Cyprus and Luxembourg lawyers. Our Desk speaks the Russian and Kazakh language as well and it has developed very good contacts with reputable law firms in Kazakhstan and the other Caspian Countries in order to cooperate and enhance our understanding of the needs of local entrepreneurs.


The main areas of practice of our Desk are the following:

- Corporate and Commercial Law

- Tax Advice

- Corporate and General Litigation

- Immigration Services

- Arbitration

- Incorporation and Management of Cyprus companies

- Banking  

- Set-up, licensing and management of Funds and Investment Firms

- Property & Real Estate Contracts

- Fully fledged offices in our Business center